85 Bellbridge Drive Hoppers Crossing

85 Bellbridge Drive Hoppers Crossing

Property Insights and Area Guide

85 Bellbridge Drive is a residential property located in the thriving suburb of Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 3029, Australia. This family-centered neighborhood boasts numerous parks, schools, shopping centers, and restaurants within close proximity, making it an ideal location for anyone seeking a comfortable and convenient living experience.

The property itself has seen various on and off-market transactions over the years, with its most recent sale taking place on July 2, 2023, for a price of AUD 685,000. This spacious house offers ample accommodations, including multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, generous living spaces, and a large yard, attracting families and investors alike seeking a prime piece of real estate.

Key Takeaways

  • 85 Bellbridge Drive is situated in the suburb of Hoppers Crossing, known for its family-friendly environment and access to local amenities.
  • The property was recently sold for AUD 685,000 on July 2, 2023, demonstrating its potential in the real estate market.
  • This spacious house offers an ideal living experience for families and investors due to its size and proximity to schools and community centers.

85 Bellbridge Drive Hoppers Crossing

This beautiful family home is located at 85 Bellbridge Drive, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029. Situated in one of the best pockets in Hoppers Crossing, the 560m² house showcases a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Upon entering the house, you are greeted with a spacious living area connected to an impressive kitchen. The kitchen boasts ample storage space and modern appliances to cater to the needs of a contemporary family. With built-in robes in all the bedrooms, the house ensures that there is no shortage of storage for the residents.

One of the key property features is the double garage that accompanies the house, offering security for vehicles and additional storage space. The garage is a mechanic’s dream, making it a haven for car enthusiasts and hobbyists alike.

The 85 Bellbridge Drive Hoppers Crossing property has the following features:

  • 560m² house
  • Built-in robes in bedrooms
  • Spacious kitchen with ample storage
  • Double garage suitable for a mechanics dream

The combination of indoor living spaces, property features, and prime location makes 85 Bellbridge Drive an attractive option for families and individuals alike. The house offers the perfect balance between comfort and practicality, making it a worthy investment in the vibrant Hoppers Crossing community.

Local Amenities and Proximity

85 Bellbridge Drive is situated in a thriving community in Hoppers Crossing, VIC. This desirable location offers a range of local amenities and services, catering to the needs of its residents.

The property is ideally positioned close to schools, ensuring that families have easy access to quality education. Several well-regarded institutions are located within close proximity, providing parents with a choice of options for their children’s academic needs.

In terms of retail and shopping opportunities, 85 Bellbridge Drive benefits from being close to various shops and shopping centres. Residents can enjoy the convenience of accessing daily essentials, alongside a variety of specialty stores and dining options.

Furthermore, the property is well-serviced by public transport, ensuring seamless connections to the wider Victoria region. Multiple bus routes run nearby, while the Hoppers Crossing railway station is located only a short distance away, making it simple for residents to travel for work, leisure, or personal appointments.

Hoppers Crossing itself is a vibrant and bustling suburb that offers a welcoming community for both locals and newcomers alike. Its streets are lined with an array of parks and recreational facilities, enhancing its appeal to families and individuals who value an active and healthy lifestyle.

In summary, 85 Bellbridge Drive in Hoppers Crossing, VIC, is a prime location for families and professionals alike. Its proximity to schools, shops, and public transport services ensures that residents can enjoy all the conveniences and attractions of local life, while also benefiting from the broader opportunities available within the greater Victoria area.

Real Estate Market Insights

The real estate market in Hoppers Crossing, particularly around 85 Bellbridge Drive, has shown promising growth in recent years. This property, situated in one of the most desirable pockets of the suburb, boasts a 560m² land size and features a stunning family home. It has recently sold for $685,000 AUD on 2nd July 2023.

Real estate agents play a crucial role in navigating the property market, and they certainly made a difference in this sale. The expertise of the real estate agents from Barry Plant Tarneit undoubtedly contributed to the success of this transaction. Well-regarded agents are valuable resources for both buyers and sellers, as they provide guidance, market insight, and support throughout the process.

With plenty of houses for sale in Hoppers Crossing, the property market in the area has become a hot topic for discussion. Potential buyers are increasingly attracted to the suburb’s amenities, proximity to Melbourne’s CBD, and the family-friendly community. This has led to a steady increase in demand for homes in the area, driving prices upwards.

To cater to this growing interest, real estate websites and agencies offer various services, such as:

  • Free market appraisal and property reports
  • Price estimates and suburb insights
  • Sales history and property data
  • Top-reviewed agents for a personalised buying or selling experience

Given the above factors, it’s no surprise that the Hoppers Crossing property market is attracting attention. Buyers and sellers should keep an eye on the market, stay informed about the latest trends and hot topics, and consult with reputable real estate agents for the best outcomes in their property endeavours.

Education and Community

The Hoppers Crossing area, home to 85 Bellbridge Drive, boasts a wide range of quality educational institutions and community facilities. It is an excellent neighbourhood for families or individuals looking for convenience and easy access to essential amenities.

There are several nearby schools catering to varying educational levels, including primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Some of the prominent nearby schools are:

  • Bellbridge Primary School
  • Hoppers Crossing Secondary College
  • The Grange P-12 College
  • Victoria University Werribee Campus

These schools demonstrate the commitment to quality education in the Hoppers Crossing community, ensuring a bright future for students residing at 85 Bellbridge Drive.

In addition to the educational facilities, Hoppers Crossing offers various shopping centres and retail outlets for the convenience of its residents. The area around 85 Bellbridge Drive is well-equipped with essential amenities, including:

  1. Werribee Plaza
  2. Wyndham Village Shopping Centre
  3. Hoppers Crossing Shopping Centre

These shopping centres cater to everyday needs, such as groceries, cafes, and specialty shops, making the area around 85 Bellbridge Drive ideal for those who seek proximity to a variety of services.

The Hoppers Crossing neighbourhood is surrounded by lovely parks and recreational areas, promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle for its inhabitants. Some popular local parks and sporting facilities include:

  • Skeleton Creek Reserve
  • AquaPulse Aquatic and Leisure Centre
  • Werribee Sports and Fitness Centre

Being in close proximity to these areas, the residents at 85 Bellbridge Drive can enjoy the benefits of a supportive community that values health, wellbeing, and an active lifestyle.

In conclusion, the area around 85 Bellbridge Drive, Hoppers Crossing offers an ideal setting for families and individuals alike. With access to quality education, essential amenities, recreational facilities, and a welcoming community, it’s easy to understand why this neighbourhood is a fantastic place to call home.


What are the nearby amenities to 85 Bellbridge Drive?

85 Bellbridge Drive, Hoppers Crossing is located in a convenient area with several amenities nearby. While specific details about nearby amenities are not provided in the search results, it is common to find parks, shopping centres, and recreational facilities in Hoppers Crossing.

How are the public transport options around the area?

While the search results do not provide specific public transport options around 85 Bellbridge Drive, Hoppers Crossing is generally well-connected to the rest of Melbourne by various means of public transport, including buses and trains.

What is the current property value for 85 Bellbridge Drive?

The estimated value of 85 Bellbridge Drive, Hoppers Crossing, VIC 3029 is around $645,922 according to the search results. It is essential to keep in mind that property values fluctuate and that a professional appraisal would provide a more accurate assessment of the property’s current value.

Are there any schools within walking distance?

The search results do not provide information about nearby schools for 85 Bellbridge Drive, Hoppers Crossing. However, Hoppers Crossing is a family-oriented suburb, and it is expected to find several schools, ranging from primary to secondary, in the area.

What type of neighborhood is Hoppers Crossing?

Hoppers Crossing is a family-friendly suburb located 23 km southwest of Melbourne’s CBD. The area features a combination of residential, commercial, and industrial zones, providing residents with a wide range of facilities and services.

Are there any recent developments or infrastructure projects in the area?

The search results do not offer specific details regarding recent developments or infrastructure projects near 85 Bellbridge Drive, Hoppers Crossing. Nonetheless, Hoppers Crossing is a growing suburb with ongoing development projects that contribute to the area’s appeal for families and investors alike.

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